About The Book


Hold tight and experience the distinct charm with an action-packed tale as science and magic come together!

Written by a scientist with a captivating grasp for magic and fantasy, Code of Rainbow is an adolescent fantasy book series that grows MAGIC on the soil of SCIENCE. The story typically revolves around the young boy named “Soarame,” who has been blessed with a unique pair of eyes that makes him see what others cannot. Witnessing the unforeseen magical elements of the world, this enviable gift of Soarame could reveal the truth but could also put him in danger.

Because many animals in this universe have magical abilities, they are referred to as “magimals,” such as dragons. Soarame was lucky to have a newborn magimal as his best buddy, but they got into a lot of trouble together – problems far greater than dragons.

Can they survive? Lessen your expanded horizons of curiosity and find the answers today!