About The Author

If you like to read some spine-chilling magic fiction full of drama, suspense, action, and a touch of science, Dr. Weiqi Wang’s Code of Rainbow is the right choice for you!



Dr. Weiqi Wang is a scientist who traveled the world and has a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford. During this time, he toured Europe and began writing the Code of Rainbow Series. Then he went to the east coast of the United States and worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Rhode Island for a year. Afterward, Wang drove across the country to reach Stanford University. He worked there as a data scientist on numerous projects with the NIH (National Institute of Health).

Wang believes that science and magic are linked in some manner, thanks to his scientific education and fondness for magic fiction. He believes that “magic” was used to represent supernatural happenings that ancient people could not comprehend. One such example is that the lightning bolt spell in magical settings resembles a supernatural phenomenon, in reality, known as ball-lightning. The current state of science has not been able to logically explain this magic-like realistic phenomenon, which means we must accept the scientific limitations and remain open-minded.

Code of Rainbow is a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of SCIENCE. The magic in this vast realm differs from the “TRADITIONAL” understanding in that genuine, physical scientific theories support it. As the story progresses, you’ll discover the unique appeal of science and magic joining – something that has been rarely attempted before. Wang makes efforts to make the transition from magic to science happen bit by bit as the novel progresses. Thus, the early volumes actually read like a “MAINSTREAM” magical fantasy.

Awards & Recognitions

    1. Finalist in the 2022 IAN Book of the Year Awards.
    2. Finalist in the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award.
    3. Bronze medal of 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards
    4. Purple Dragonfly Award 2022, 1st Place Winner in three categories: Middle-Grade Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Sci-fi, and Fantasy.
    5. Finalist in the 2021 Wishing Shelf book awards.

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