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A Divine World Full of Possibilities

The allure of this magic has never waned, and it continues to play a vital role in popular culture even today. Yet, every soul that has come across this subject have more or less asked the same questions.

  • Is there any such thing as magic?
  • Is magic actual or fictitious & fabricated?
  • Can there be a scientific explanation for it?

The list goes on but let us try to understand it from the basics. Magic is a word that has been used for centuries yet remains a perplexing and misunderstood concept in today’s modern civilization. On the other hand, science is a systematic undertaking that creates and organizes information on universe in the form of testable explanations and predictions.

Despite the fact that many people have questioned whether magic is real or an illusion, there are many scholars who are exploring its already set boundaries. They are taking the support of science in this regard to prove that it is a divine world full of possibilities.

Science of Magic

Let’s Explore Its Take in Literature

The combination of multiple research projects shows there was a time when poem or poetry was the exclusive form of literature originating from the oldest civilizations of world. It was the primary form for storytellers, who performed oral retellings of their work using meter and rhythm. It is also the same technique which allowed inhabitants of an era to convey the truths (non-fiction) and their mythological beliefs (fiction) to preceding generations.

There was a time when literature was a medium to record history solely. The most obvious link between literature and history is that literature is used to report on and represent history. As a result, the two are inextricably linked. The primary distinction between literature and history is that the latter asserts itself as reality, whereas the former is considered a creative work.

In contrast, the 17th and 18th century witnessed literature in the forms of gothic tales, epistolary communication and amatory novels. The nineteenth century was mostly about detective fiction, mythology fiction and scientific take in stories by authors with classics such as A Study in Scarlet, Dracula and An Invisible Man respectively.

For instance, just few decades ago, people might not have expected to read stellar books on horror comedy genre fusion theme literature like Meddling Kids, John Dies at the End and The Stupidest Angel. It is because the common perception was horror and comedy are two completely opposite types that can’t be united. Yet, here we are seeing more writers joining the league and crafting stories with merge of different themes.

In all honesty, it is a great attempt with more literary categories and more genre fusions adding which is allowing people to read more “coming of age” descriptions. It is very likely that you may not have heard of magical science or scientific magic genres as of yet. But there is a fair chance that you shall do in upcoming decades. The lack of publication on this unique topic left a void for a long while. Still, the rise and recognition of this subject demonstrate how it is a subject which is interesting and intriguing for a great number of persons who build their understandings of things with fact-based published work.

It is high time that human beings begin to explore the divine world of “science of magic” in all its entirety which can prove to be beneficial for them in multiple ways.

Code of Rainbow

A Mind-Blowing Sci-Magic Trilogy

The utter goal of this series is to explain the common ground of two parallel yet interconnected worlds; magic and science. The story revolves around philosophy that take the help of latest theories supporting this dominion.

Weiqi Wang

Scholar, Scientist & Storyteller

Weiqi Wang is a scientist, scholar and author who is a peripatetic traveler. He is also a contemporary pioneer for introducing the colliding worlds of magic and science. Although, it was a challenging job; he has carried it out bit by bit keeping in mind the comprehension level of bibliophiles. The series initiates like an ordinary magic fantasy which gradually engulfs readers in its charms. It proposes scientific philosophies which supports the story in a wonderful manner.

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